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The BEST Fish Finger Sandwich - Hungry Healthy Happy

  • 22 servings

A Fish Finger Sandwich is such a childhood favourite and also a classic pub grub choice. We have taken a basic fish finger sandwich to the next level.

    How to


    Cook 6 Fish fingers - about 15-18 minutes.


    Butter 4 slice Tiger bread (optional). Add half of the 4 tbsp Tartare sauce to two slices of bread. Top with 1 Little gem lettuce, 30 g Rocket (arugula), 5 g Fresh parsley and then three fish fingers each.


    Top each sandwich with the remaining tartare sauce, the slices of 1 Gherkins and finish with the other two slices of bread.


    4 slice Tiger bread

    6 Fish fingers

    4 tbsp Tartare sauce

    1 Little gem lettuce (shredded)

    30 g Rocket (arugula)

    1 Gherkins (sliced)

    5 g Fresh parsley (chopped)